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NsPro Advisor

NsPro Advisor

The NsPro Advisor can help you diagnose problems with your tool and solve them within minutes; features include

  1. Box not detected
  2. Error 10065 (Smart Card Error)
  3. How to check nspro box drivers are installed correctly
  4. Installing Drivers for S5230 (Tocco Lite) and S3650 (Genio)

Using NsPro Advisor is easy;

  1. Load up NsPro Advisor
  2. Select Problem you wish to resolve from the list
  3. View the solution in real time so you can follow the instructions step by step
  4. Look at the images (via 'View Images' Button) NsPro should report if the operation if succesful
  5. Watch our engineers video for the selected problem (via 'Watch Video' Button)

NsPro Advisor: can be used as a addon for FoneFunShop Unlock Buddy v1.5


NsPro Advisor (Can merge within FoneFunShop Unlock Buddy 1.5)


NsPro Advisor helping with S3650 (Genio) and S5230 (Tocco Lite) Driver Problems

Download FoneFunShop Unlock Buddy for free

NsPro Advisor (Only £7.50 - 25% Off)