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TomTom Voices

About TomTom Voices Application

  • The TomTom Voices application is an a unique tool for adding custom voices to your TomTom Devices.

  • The application allows you to add and repair corrupt voices, it is very easy to use and anyone with a pc and a TomTom can use it, you can also use the application on as many TomTom devices as you like it is not limited to just one device.


  • Add / Repair Corrupt custom Voices
  • Choice of over 20+ voices

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Marilyn Monroe
    Dr Evil
    Michael Caine
    Kim Cattrall
    Tony Blair
    Knight Rider - KITT
    Arnold Swarzenegger
    Clint Eastwood
    Darth Vader
    Homer Simpson
    Joanna Lumley
    Lady Newsreader
    Ozzy Osbourne (Bleeped) & (Swearing)
    Sharon Osbourne
    Andy Siddell
    Justin Moorhouse
    Liz Whitaker
    Stephen Hawking
    and many more....!
  • You can also purchase other voices and add them into TomTom Voices Application for future updates


  • All TomTom Navigation Devices are fully compatible with the Tomtom Voices Including:

  • TomTom GO Classic, TomTom GO 300, 500 and 700

  • TomTom GO 510, 710 and 910

  • TomTom GO 520, 720 and 920

  • TomTom GO 530, 730 and 930

  • TomTom GO 540, 740 and 940

  • TomTom One, One 30, TomTom One XL, One XL 30 and TomTom Rider V1, V2

  • TomTom for Symbian Mobile Devices, Pocket PC and Palm (TomTom Navigator 5 and 6).

  • Windows XP, Vista (requires runtime files from microsoft website)


Screen shots

Installing the voices

using the help system


TomTom Voices Application £10